The traditional Thai-Massage exists for more than 2500 years in the Thai culture and tradition.

It is part of our daily life and is used by old and young alike.

The Thai-Massage is not like a classical massage that is available in Europe. lt contains many elements of acupressure, Stretching and also passive yoga.

Since the massage has always been carried out in comfortable clothing, this allows the optimal use of physical strength. Not only the hands, but also the elbows and feet are used during the massage.

You will be massaged on the side, back and starnach positions consecutively. Lightpressure will be applied by acupressure along the energy routing pathways. You will be brought into yoga-like positions and muscles and tendons will be stretched by Iever action; joints will become relaxed and the whole body will be treated gently.

Afterwards you will feel well balanced and refreshed.

By drinking a Iot, you will help tlush out the taxins from your body.


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